Merry Christmas!


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Blogger Susan said...
Merry Christmas!!! Your children are really growing up! I hadn't seen pics of them recently and was so surprised by how much they've grown lately. Don't blink! :)


Blogger Karen said...
Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Paula. :)

Blogger Faith said...
Merry Christmas!! the children are so grown up now!!! I hope that you enjoy every moment of every blessing the Lord brings your way in the coming new year :)

Blogger Adrienne said...
You have a beautiful family! What a gift from God! I didn't get a chance to wish you Merry Christmas so I'll send belated wishes - and wishes for a wonderful New Year that is filled with more blessings than you can imagine! We were able to bring my dear mother to our home for a few hours from the rehab center where she is recovering from her recent fall. We had planned that it would just be the three of us this year - our kids and grandkids went other directions. We had a wonderful time together in the comfort of our home. God is good and we look forward to more of His goodness ahead!

Blogger Valerie Basham said...
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I love the photos!

Blogger Susanne said...
What a lovely family you are! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year filled with God's blessings of peace, love and joy!

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