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Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Round Up Sunday 2013
The Carter Family, with Sheriff Judd (far right)
This past Sunday was one of our church's annual big events: Round Up Sunday. The interior of the church building was decorated to match the day's Western theme, but I completely neglected to take any pictures other than this one of a cute little covered wagon on a table in the foyer. Very Little House on the Prairie-ish.
I did manage to corral my four cow-pokes before we headed to Sunday school. Check out Bryn's mustache; she is such a Lil' Nut!
Our county sheriff joins us every year for this special day and speaks briefly to the congregation. He is a godly man and one of the highest profile sheriffs in the country. We appreciate the time he took from his busy schedule to attend Round Up Sunday and stay for lunch.
The goal of Round Up Sunday is to "round up the strays" and get them to church to hear the gospel. One young woman trusted Christ as her Saviour during the morning service, and there were other decisions made in the various junior and teen church services that were going on at the same time. Yeeee-haw!

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Monday, October 28, 2013
Golfing and Gators
Several of you have emailed me and asked where in the world I've been. I haven't gone anywhere or gotten stuck in my desk (Karen, that really cracked me up!); I've just been unbelievably busy lately. I've had so many things to share, but I just haven't been able to eek out enough spare time to put a post together. Hopefully I will be able to get my thoughts together soon and get some pictures posted.
I spent a few hours today playing golf with my handsome hubby. We don't play very often, but the course just down the road from us has been running random online booking specials lately, and we have enjoyed playing for just a fraction of what it normally costs. Steven bought me a brand new set of clubs a couple of weeks ago, and I have been hitting the ball much better than I was with my old set.
It was a beautiful day on the golf course. The sun was shining, and the high was around 84 degrees. Those of you who live in colder climates would have been very jealous! There are always lots of different types of birds on Florida golf courses, like this hawk.

Sometimes we spot a critter or two. Today we came across this gator sunning himself on the bank not too far from the 11th tee. Don't worry, I didn't get very close to him!
Steven and I had such a relaxing time together. He is a much better golfer than I am, but he is very patient with me and tries to give me pointers to help me improve. I'm thankful for my Monday golf date with my very best friend.

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Thursday, October 03, 2013
A Lesson I Need To Learn
The Pin
"Dear me! what signifies a pin!
I'll leave it on the floor.
My pincushion has others in,
Mamma has plenty more:
A miser will I never be,"
Said little heedless Emily.

So tripping on to giddy play,
She left the pin behind,
For Betty's broom to whisk,
Or some one else to find;
She never gave a thought, indeed,
To what she might to-morrow need.
Next day a party was to ride,
To see an air-balloon!

And all the company beside
Were dress'd and ready soon:
But she, poor girl, she could not stir,
For just a pin to finish her.

'Twas vainly now, with eye and hand,
She did to search begin;
There was not one--not one, the band
Of her pelisse to pin!
She cut her pincushion in two,
But not a pin had slidden through!

At last, as hunting on the floor,
Over a crack she lay,
The carriage rattled to the door,
Then rattled fast away.
Poor Emily! she was not in,
For want of just--a single pin!

There's hardly anything so small
So trifling or so mean,
That we may never want at all,
For service unforseen:
And those who venture willful waste,
May woeful want expect to taste.
by Ann Taylor, 1782-1866


I've had several instances recently when I couldn't find something that I needed because I hadn't taken the time to put the item in its proper place. Unfortunately, some of my kids have inherited this problem of mine. The other day I misplaced a bill and forgot to pay it, which then led to a frustrating late fee. That was actually the motivation for my marathon desk-cleaning session earlier this week. This poem is a cute reminder that it's worth the effort to take the time to do things the right way the first time.

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