Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trip to Georgia

Last weekend our family traveled back to our "old" church in Eatonton, Georgia, to be part of its 25th Anniversary service. This was such an exciting trip for us, especially for the kids since it had been almost three years since our last visit. We had such a good time visiting with all of our friends at Grace Baptist, and we're thrilled with what the Lord is continuing to there through their faithfulness.
I sure do miss the beautiful views of the land and Lake Oconee.

The current pastor and the three previous pastors (including my hubby) all had a part in the service. The auditorium's renovation was recently completed, and I loved the new look!

Evangelist Kurt LeBouve sang several songs and preached the afternoon service. He and Mrs. Dale are such sweet people! I heard a little rumor that they just might be with us next month at our church.

This is what the kids looked like when we moved back to Florida in 2008.
And just look at them now!


  1. What a beautiful building and your children have really grown up!! It always amazes me to see photos from just a few years ago compared to the present..and all the changes! glad you were blessed with this trip!

  2. So glad you had a good trip, and that's so exciting to hear that the church is doing well. What a blessing! Your kids are beautiful, as always. :)


  3. How wonderful! Time sure does fly by. Glad to hear you all are doing well! :)

  4. So fun to see pics of how children grown so fast! It's really exciting to hear of churches making their 25th anniversaries and are still going strong. God is good.

  5. It's fun to go back and visit again, and I'm glad you got to do it. It's amazing how quickly children grow up, isn't it?! Bro. LaBouve and his wife are favorites of ours. He came often to our church in Texas, and he's even come to the church we started in North Vancouver, when we first moved to Canada. Good friends!

  6. What a special trip that must have been. My, your children have really grown up, haven't they? That happens. ha


  7. Wow, they sure have grown!

    We love Bro. LaBouve's music, we have all of his cds. :o)


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