Thursday, October 25, 2012


Shay (wearing the red jersey) just finished her season on the JV volleyball team. This was her first year on the team, and she did a great job! Her height and those long arms come in very handy at the net.

The thing that impressed me the most about her being on the team actually took place off the court. At the beginning of the season, Shay agreed to get up early every morning and spend some time practicing piano before school so that volleyball practices and games wouldn't interfere with the one hour a day of piano practice her piano instructor requires. She is so not a morning person, but she kept her word and got up early each day even when she was tired out from getting home late at night after out-of-town volleyball games. I'm proud of you, Shay!


  1. Now that's commitment! What a good lesson for all of us. Way to go, Shay!

  2. She's not only learning piano and volleyball skills, she's learning character and commitment! Good for her! :)

  3. Great pic of your girl! She is doing well on her piano, too. The last offertory she played was very well done. :)

    I wonder if she is glad the season is over, or if she is ready to start again. ;)



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