Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feels Like Fall

The weather is beautiful today! It was 68 degrees early this morning, and now it's about 85 degrees with very little humidity. I enjoyed spending some time outside earlier; we don't get too many days like this!

I did a little bit of fall decorating this past weekend. I picked up a couple of signs for about $4 a piece. The first sign pictured below is hanging on the powder room door, and the second one is on the door leading from the kitchen to the pantry.

I also changed switched out the centerpiece on the kitchen table and added a few fall pieces to the table in the foyer. I've been using most of these decorations for years and never grow tired of them. Adding these little touches around the house helped get me in the mood for the arrival of my favorite season.


  1. Lovely! Our weather has been hot all week - in the 90s! I am longing for fall. :)

  2. Autumn has officially begun and now our New York weather matches it! we had a nice cool, crisp start to the day (low 50s) and it warmed with a beautiful golden sun to a nice, perfect 73. I LOVE autumn with all the changing colors....your house looks festive. I hope to have some pics up soon too of some decorating I've done in the past few days......enjoy the rest of the week!!


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