Toby loves getting lots of attention and playing with the kids. But I'm not sure that this is exactly what he bargained for.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Toby loves getting lots of attention and playing with the kids. But I'm not sure that this is exactly what he bargained for.

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Blogger ~~Deby said...
oh...I think Toby will adjust...this is such a cute it...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, what a cutie!

Take Care,


Blogger Arlene said...
I agree with Deby... he must think it's worth it to endure a little pink with all the extra lovin' he gets! :o)

Toby is definately liked and loved!

Thanks for sharing the Warm Pie, Happy Home blog. I enjoyed looking at her decorations. I got some great ideas.

Blogger Nikki said...
How adorable!!

Blogger Adrienne said...
I have a feeling Toby has already decided this goes with the territory! If he's going to get the hugs and loving he will have to put up with the other stuff, too. I had a cat that was dressed in doll clothes, carefully laid in my doll buggy, covered and taken all over the place. He didn't budge - probably from fear!

Blogger Susan P. said...
I love this picture!!! Toby looks right at home amongst all the stuffed animals ~ I bet if he could talk he would say, "what we dogs have to put up with to live with our humans!" ;) Thanks for giving me a smile today!

Blogger Faith said...
The pictures are awesome!
ANd thanks for your prayers!!
Claire is feeling better and I think she can return to school tomorrow!

Blogger Kristi said...


Blogger nannykim said...
It reminds me of the days when I was a kid. My brother and I would load our hamsters in a toy plane that was about a foot and a half long by 5 inches tall--the nose of the plane would lift up and in the hamsters went. My brother would fly it in circles and then bring it in for a landing. The poor hamsters were soooooo dizzy they could hardly walk out. Animals sometimes live crazy lives with children!

Blogger Missy said...
so cute :) what a good sport :) hope you're having a good week!

Blogger ~Karen~ said...
Oh my goodness, is he irristable or what?!!!

Blogger Nancy M. said...
The pictures are so cute! Hope you
all are having a wonderful holiday in your new home!

Blogger Pam said...
Oh I love it! It reminds me of what I used to do to our big handsome, macho Rotweiller! Yes, I'd wrap him in a towel or blankie then let him sleep with us! He was quite larger than your Toby, but so so sweet. I miss him!
Oh I also remember as a little girl wrapping and dressing our cat then pushing her in my doll baby tram!

Blogger Mommy said...
I don't know he seems to be ok with the whole idea there. :) Look at his little doggie smile. :)

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