Baby Turns 4

The Baby

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

Lil' Nut eating cupcakes this morning on her 4th birthday

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Baby Turns 4
The Baby

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

Lil' Nut eating cupcakes this morning on her 4th birthday

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Blogger Mommy said...

Blogger akconklin said...
Happy Birthday to the Princess! May she always know how loved she is by the King of Kings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
oooh, wait! Don't tell me this one is the tom boy of the family:) What a little doll!

Little nut reminds me of my little sister. She had every princess costume known to mankind and was SO Happy wearing them all the time. Just a little tip for you --- they don't ever grow out of this except maybe not everything has to be pink:)

Take Care,


Blogger Jennifer said...
What cute pictures! How fast they grow. Mine turns 5 this year. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

Blogger Susan P. said...
As soon as I saw lil'nut with her birthday cupcake I immediately thought of the phrase, "pretty in pink!" Happy Birthday, lil'nut!!

Blogger Becky said...
She is one beautiful girl who really knows how to dress for an ocassion.

Happy Birthday Lil' Nut!!!

Blogger Karen said...
Happy Birthday to your sweetie-pie! She's precious!
My brother's birthday is also today. He's 44. ;o)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
She's so beautiful! Happy Birthday Lil' Nut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Once a princess, always a princess!
Happy Birthday and God's blessings on you, Lil' Nut!!!

Blogger Mrs.B said...
What a cutie! **Happy Birthday Lil' Nut!**

And Mrs. C I LOVE your new look, very pretty. (o:

Blogger Kelli said...
What a beautiful birthday girl you have, Mrs. C!! Happy Birthday Lil' Nut!

Ps. Thank you for entering my giveaway and your sweet comment. :0)

Blogger Missy said...
Happy Birthday! What a sweet girl :)


Blogger Happymama said...
Happy Birthday, Lil' Nut!!! I wish you many, many more!!

Awww, I wish Hannah still enjoyed dressing up. :( Enjoy it while it lasts, mom.


Blogger Jacki said...
She is just adorable!

Blogger Mishel said...
Happy Birthday to Lil' Nut! I love her dress-up outfit! So sweet! : )

Blogger Jodi said...
Oh - a late happy birthday to Lil' Nut. Hoping you have a *smashing* year, Lil' Nut! :o)

Our baby turns four this month also! Time does fly!

What a precious picture...of a Lil nut in PINK...

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