Mom's Car

Mom's Car

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Anonymous Alesha said...
Oh my, we'll certainly be praying for swift healing! -Alesha

Blogger Kelli said...
How scary! I will be praying for your mom! Let us know how she is doing.

Blogger Mrs.B. said...
Oh my! I'm so glad your mom wasn't seriously hurt. Praise the Lord!

Blogger Karen said...
Oh, wow. That's a scary sight. I hope she's not too sore today. It always seems to be a few days later you notice it a lot more.
Continuing to pray.

Blogger Michelle said...
Oh, my goodness!How scary ~ I hope your mom is feeling better today and not too sore ~

Blogger Amy ~ said...
WOW! So glad your mom is OK and healing~Praying for her as she searches for a new car.

Blogger Julie's Jewels said...
Wow...I can imagine that she was very much sore after that impact. I'm so glad she wasn't hurt worse. She sure could have been from the looks of her car.

Blogger Mrs. U said...
This is a scary looking picture! I am sooo glad that your mother is alright!!! The Lord truly protected her!!!

Mrs. U

Blogger Jodi said...
It's amazing how something so apparently strong can crumple like a tin can! Pray her car problems are quickly resolved and rejoice no one was hurt!

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