Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jumping Back In

Howdy! Several of you have sent me such sweet emails to say "hello" or just to check on me while I've been posting sporadically for the past several months. Nothing earth-shattering has taken place to explain my absence in blogland, just l-i-f-e. Lately I've been wanting to start blogging regularly again but have had a hard time figuring out how to share all that has transpired during my intermittent breaks. I'm just going to jump back in where I'm at and not try to fill in the missing gaps. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home. We had the whole week off from school and took advantage of the down time. I actually had my tree up on Thanksgiving Day for the first time ever! Usually it's not up until after the first week in December. Black Friday was also very different for me this year. I didn't get up in the wee hours of the morning to hit the sales. Almost all of the big specials were available online, so I did my shopping from a comfortable recliner instead of standing in long lines. The kids are growing like not-so-little weeds. Curly Girl turned 9 last week. The rest will all have birthdays by the middle of February. I just can't get over how quickly time is passing. That's the main reason I want to keep blogging. I love having a way to record our time together as a family. This week we have activities away from home seven nights in a row. I used to think that December was the busiest month the year for us, but now I'm so used to things being busy all the time that December doesn't make feel crazy anymore; at least we're able to be busy serving the Lord! I hope that you experience the joy that only comes from Jesus as we enter the Christmas season!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Count the Blessings Once again our glad thanksgivings Rise before our Father's throne, As we try to count the blessings Of the year so swiftly flown; As we trace the wondrous workings Of His wisdom, power, and love And unite our "Holy! Holy!" With the seraphim above. As we gather round our firesides On this new Thanksgiving day Time would fail to count the blessings That have followed all our way. Grace sufficient, help and healing, Prayer oft answered at our call; And the best of all our blessings, Christ Himself, our All in all. He has blessed our favored country With a free and bounteous hand; Peace and plenty in our borders, Liberty through all our land. And although our sins and follies Oft provoke Him to His face, Mercy still retrains His judgments And prolongs our day of grace. While we love to count the blessings, Grateful for the year that's gone, Faith would sweep a wider vision; Hope would gaze yet further on. For the signals all around us Seem with one accord to say, "Christ is coming soon to bring us Earth's last, best Thanksgiving Day." ~Selected
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